100 Reasons Why I Love You Mom

Its about Mother’s Day and I can’t help but to get a little sentimental because I know I have the best and most loving mother on the face of the planet. She does so much for me and my family and words can hardly describes how much I love her. So I came up with 100 reasons why I love my mom. I know I could write hundreds more but I don’t think there is enough time in the world to read all of it.


So this Mother’s Day tell your mom how much you love her. Moms are rare creatures that have an unending love for people when they do not deserve it. And to my mom thank you for always loving me even when I don’t deserve it. You are a superhero with the powers of penitence, kindness, selflessness, and unending love. I hope that one day I can at least become half the woman you are. I love you mom.

So here it is 100 Reasons why I love you mom!

  1. You carried me for nine months. 
  1. You suffered through long labor pains with me.
  1. You taught me about Jesus my entire life.
  1. You might have been a young mother, but I am so glad you were because I know you’re my mom but also it’s easy to be your best friend.
  1. Your selflessness amazes me. 
  1. Your willingness to sacrifice anything to make sure we are all ok.
  1. Your humbleness.
  1. Your kindness. 
  1. Your strong faith and love for Jesus.
  1. Your strength to overcome anything in your path.  
  1. Your love for others. 
  1. How you never fail to make me feel better if I am upset.
  1. Your constant encouragement.
  1. I am so thankful for your want for me to succeed all the time. 
  1. You’re my biggest cheerleader.
  1. Your wholehearted advice. 
  1. For our house always being immaculate.
  1. Your determination and work ethic. 
  1. Your optimism.
  1. Your craziness.
  1. Your loud and sweet laugh. 
  1. The way you still play with my hair when I’m sick.
  1. Your advice on clothes especially dresses for past formals and proms.
  1. I am thankful that you do hair. 
  1. All the hair cuts you’ve given me.
  1. All the late nights you have highlighted my hair. 
  1. For the unconditional love you always give me.
  1. All the soccer games or school programs you never missed no matter how boring they were.
  1. For all the long drives we went on for soccer games.
  1. For always letting me be a car rider when I was in school. (I hate the bus) 
  1. For every time you got me a lollipop when we went to the bank.
  1. For all the money you’ve given me for doing chores. 
  1. For all the times you filled up car with gas.
  1. For every time I called you crying you always made me feel like everything was going to be ok. 
  1. For putting a band aide on every cut or scrape I ever had.
  1. For making my lunches for school everyday when I was little and even sometime for when I go to work now. 
  1. Teaching me tons of lessons to make me a better person.
  1. Being someone I dream of becoming.
  1. For never giving up on me and all my random and sometimes crazy dreams.
  1. For every family picture you make us all take even though you are never in it. 
  1. For taking me on countless beach trips. 
  1. For making me love everything about the beach.
  1. I love how your face lights up when we go to the lake.
  1. Your love for the simple things in life.
  1. How you taught me to plant flowers.
  1. You made me appreciate a good magnolia when I see one. 
  1. For every yummy chicken potpie you’ve made me 
  1. You always believed me when I said I was sick and needed to stay home from school.
  1. You never told me that I didn’t do well enough on a test.
  1. You let me drive your car when I got my learners permit.
  1. You trust me. 
  1. You taught me to care for others.
  1. You aren’t afraid to ask tough questions no matter how difficult or embarrassing they might be.
  1. You encouraged me to have good friends. 
  1. Your patience. 
  1. You always see the good in others and me. 
  1. You are always proud of me no matter what.
  1. You brag about me to all of your clients I might act embarrassed but it makes me so happy to know how proud you are of me.
  1. How you taught me to wear makeup. A little goes a long way.
  1. You unfailingly understand. 
  1. The fact that you can’t make gravy is hilarious. 
  1. Your random fear of buttons.
  1. You wipe my tears when I cry.
  1. Your generous heart. 
  1. How you always are the first to help me.
  1. Your zest for living life. 
  1. Your sense of humor that never fails to crack me up. 
  1. The fact that I know you’ll always be in my life. 
  1. Your love for cruises.
  1. The fact that you brought me a little brother and sister. I’m glad because I would have been a brat if those two didn’t show up.
  1. You love for the show Nashville.
  1. Your love for The Walking Dead and how we can always talk about it.
  1. Your constant support with my relationship with Nathan.
  1. You have taught me how to be independent. 
  1. Teaching me to not be frugal but also to not overspend.
  1. For introducing me to the sales rack when I was little. 
  1. For allowing me to love the color pink and having just about everything I own that color.
  1. For always making sure my room was decorated in the colors and comforters I liked.
  1. For making sure my hair was always fixed for school when I was little. 
  1. For working so hard to make sure we all have new clothes when school started.
  1. For doing my hair for the five proms I went to.
  1. Thank you in advance for putting up with doing my hair on my wedding day. 
  1. For the car I got on my 16th birthday.  
  1. For never making me become an adult too early.
  1. Teaching me that life isn’t always perfect but faith and prayer will always give me comfort. 
  1. By taking the time to help for study for a test. ( so many flashcards)
  1. For giving me confidence that I know I got from you.
  1. Thank you and your genes for giving me awesome hair like yours.
  1. For making sure I always had the necessities like food, shelter, and clothing.
  1. For making me go to church every Sunday.
  1. For pushing me to try new things when I’m scared.
  1. For all the birthday, end of the school year, and graduation parties you have thrown me. 
  1. For making Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, and every other holiday special even though we are all older now.
  1. For showing me that the simple things in life are the best things.
  1. For teaching me that a gentlemen should open the door for me, pay for dinner, and treat me with respect.
  1. Loving me.
  1. For always being my best friend. 
  1. For being a crazy lady that loves Bon Jovi and Rick Springfield. 
  1. I am thankful to have a role model like you in my life everyday.
  1. For not only being a mother but for being the best and most amazing mother in the entire world. 

Thank you mom for everything!


Your Daughter


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